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Guide to Eating

Step 1: Tail

Flip the crab on its back and remove the tail. If you see roe, you're on to something good. Suck out the roe from the tail. Don't use vinegar on this part of the crab -- you want to taste the sweetness.

Step 2: Top shell

Remove the top shell. This is where most of the roe is hidden. Pull it back to uncover the bright orange rich roe.

Step 3: Top shell

Remove the mouth from the shell. Remove the small bones at the top. Scrape all the roe together from the body and shell to collect a spoonful of roe. Add a bit of vinegar mixture (usually black vinegar, chopped ginger and sugar) to cut through the richness.

Step 4: Gills

Remove the gills aka "dead man’s fingers" from the sides of the body -- used to filter water, they are inedible.

Step 5: Body

Break the body in half. his opens the little partitions where most of the meat is. Hold the legs of the crab and dip the body into the vinegar mixture and enjoy.

Step 6: Legs

Break the first and second joint of the leg, leaving the leg in two pieces.

Step 7: Legs

Using the meat picker, push through the top part of the remaining leg and you'll find yourself with a nice intact piece of leg meat.

Step 8: Claws

The claws are the toughest part of the crab. Use the crab-shell cracker (or very strong teeth) to break the claw in half.

Step 9: Claws

Once again, use the meat picker to pick out the crab meat hidden in the claw.