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Guide to Cooking

Step 1: Wash the crab

Scrub the bounded crab with a brush under running water. DO NOT untie the crab.

Step 2: Prepare the steamer

Half fill a wok with water. Put some perilla leaves into the water. Cover and wait till the water boils before placing the crabs in.

Step 3: Prepare the crabs for steaming

Place slices of young ginger flat on the plate. Lay the crabs on top of the plate BELLY SIDE UP and place the plate in the wok.

Step 4: Steaming

Steam the crabs accordingly to size and number of crabs in your steamer

The basic rule of steaming hairy crabs is 1 min per 10g. For eg, 200g hairy crabs would take 20mins to steam while 250g hairy crab will take 25 mins

If you have more crabs in your steamer, you may need to increase the time. The crabs are done when their color change from a green/grey color to a nice orange crimson color.

Step 5: Prepare the vinegar sauce

Add 1/4 cup of chinese black vinegar, some brown sugar (add more/less accordingly) and some minced young ginger.

Step 6: Arrange the table and prepare for your feast!