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Hairy crab – also known as the Chinese mitten crab – is one of the most prized delicacies in eastern Chinese Cuisine, most notably in Shanghai and Jiangsu province. It is only in season and available to eat for two months of the year.

The hairy crab’s flesh is renowned for its sweetness. Also of value is the crab’s golden roe, which is creamy and buttery.

In the earlier part of the season, female crabs are more prized than male crabs because they contain much more roe and are believed to taste sweeter.

In the later part of the season, Male Hairy Crabs are coveted due to the fullness of Milt and Sweetness of their meat. Restaurants in Singapore often serve Male Hairy Crabs during the late part of the season.


Our Hairy Crabs are air-flown from TaiHu. TaiHu is the third largest lake in China located directly upstream of the famous YangChengHu. There are numerous reasons why Hairy crabs from TaiHu are preferred instead of those from the main lake of YangChengHu:

1. Lake TaiHu sits on the upper stream of Yangcheng Lake, the waters there are purer and thus a more ideal breeding ground for Hairy crabs.

2. The lake water is fed directly by the mountain streams which brings rich nutrients and minerals.

3. Lake TaiHu Hairy crabs, are known for their quality and are extremely sweet and tasty.

4. The Hairy crabs of Lake Taihu are known for their tender meat and rich fragrant roe/milt.


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