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收藏: Scarlet Prawns (Carabineros)

The Scarlet Prawn. Also known in other countries as Crevette Impériale(France) and Carabineros(Spain).
These exquisite crustaceans live in the deepest parts of the eastern Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.
Despite its many monikers, the iconic red shell, naturally flavored flesh & bursting hepatopancreas (yummy things in the prawn head) are unmistakable.
Often referred to as the Best Prawn in the world, the Scarlet Prawn is at once sweet and saline, with a rich umami flavour that delivers an ocean of seafood-goodness with every bite of its firm and well-textured meat.
* Our Scarlet Prawns are freshly caught and go through a flash freezing(fast freezing) process to ensure that the freshness of the prawn is kept at its best when delivered to you:)
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